clare runs one off workshops as well as bespoke training and coaching programmes, specific to the needs of the individuals in your organisation.

I found the workshop fantastic. Clare was a really good leader and came across in an entertaining yet informative way. So enjoyable.
— Naomi Shearer. Extra Help Ltd

Communicating More Effectively Using Behavioural Styles  workshop


This fun and interactive workshop will give you and your team the opportunity to understand each other in more detail and truly help one another get more results. How? By recognising the behavioural styles of anyone you come across in your daily life at work and at home, and knowing how to adapt your communication to quickly establish rapport and trust.

The workshop will cover:

  • Behavioural Styles language

  • Understanding your behaviour

  • Noticing the behaviour of others

  • Definitions of the different behaviours

  • Communicating with others behaviours in different situations in the workplace

This can be booked for in house training. Contact Clare to book.

I’ve attended this workshop twice now, I was so impressed and learnt so much about communication the first time, I took my husband along with me the second time! I’m now far more aware of the way I communicate with people both verbally and over email. As a consultant, I meet lots of different people and often only have a very short time to build a working relationship so I would highly recommend this course as I believe the things I have learnt about ways of communicating including body language and style of dress, vocabulary and tone of voice have made that easier and far more effective.
— Helen Waddington HKW Risk Management
I recently attended Clare Davis’ Communicating More Effectively using Behavioural Styles Workshop for the second time to further my education into the different behavioural styles of my potential clients. As before, it was excellent! It is recommended that you attend the workshop more than once and the more you attend the easier it becomes to read and respond to different behavioural styles.
— Greg Dodimead, owner of Blackgate Design
Many thanks for the very educative workshop and your amazing presentation.

I truly believe every human being should be exposed to your workshop as it will make the world a better place to live!!

I have very often been misunderstood and labelled as ‘too laid back’, ‘unsociable’, pedantic’ etc but that’s who I am!! People who get to know me really love me and so do my patients who think I’m excellent.

— William Dartey, Consultant Obstetrician Emerson Green Treatment Centre

121 Coaching

Clare offers one to one bespoke coaching to help you to build relationships to build your business.

Every savvy middle manager knows that continuous development is the best way to keep staff motivated and make sure their skill set is up to date. Ongoing coaching increases performance by as much as 80%, and Clare’s coaching programme provides the accountability necessary to ensure individuals are able to perform at their very best and stay on track.

Includes: Pre-coaching call - identify your needs for the coaching. Bespoke coaching will take whatever form suits you. We could do it face-to-face, on the phone or on Skype. You will be kept on track and be made accountable, with the actions we set.

What Clare can coach on to help you build relationships to build your business;

* Online Assessment for better communication  

* Behavioural Styles

* Assertiveness

* Building Relationships

* Vision and Goals

* Networking Skills

* Referral Marketing

 Email or call Clare to book

Over the last year I have had coaching from Clare Davis (Nova Associates). She was an amazing coach, giving me clarity in what I wanted to achieve in my business and how to do it. Clare made me accountable and I achieved so much from her.
— Maria Foxwell. Travel Counsellors


Book Clare as your keynote speaker

Are you looking for an engaging and inspiring keynote speaker for your event? With literally hundreds of training and coaching hours under her belt, Clare Davis is an expert on how to hold an audience’s attention with interactive presentations that really get people involved and excited about what they’re hearing.

Example topics:

Do you come here often?
In this humorous and engaging talk, Clare describes the parallels between dating and doing business, unlocking the secrets of building successful relationships using the 'relationship process'.

Knowing me, knowing you
Discover how behavioural styles impact on relationship building, and how you can use this knowledge to improve your communication skills and create profitable connections.

This time next year
Learn how you can create a vision for your future, and how to set goals and create a strategy so that you’ll achieve the life you want for yourself.

Take the work out of networking
Are you networking yourself to death and not seeing the fruits of your labour? In this practical talk, Clare explains how you can strategise your relationship building to save time and get results.

Contact Clare today to discuss your requirements and secure her expertise for your next event.