Its Not too Late to Set Goals for 2017

How are you going with setting your goals for 2017? “But it’s only November!” I hear you say. Last year I fell into the trap of not thinking about my goals until January. I’d set myself short-term goals, but hadn’t thought about my vision and exact goals until January. I should have started thinking about them in November so that I was ready to hit the ground running from January.


What are the benefits of setting your goals now? The biggest benefit is that you can visualise your year ahead. Think about painting a picture. What do you want to achieve in your year? What are your dreams? Think about your personal life as well as your business. Think about your health as well as your family. Think about your finances too. They all interrelate and effect one another.


An activity I do with my children and husband every December is to create a vision board. We get a large piece of paper each and draw a big mindmap with pictures and lots of colours. We then laminate it and use this as our placemats for the dinner table throughout the year so we’re reminded of our vision and goals. It is not only a great exercise to help each of us focus, but it also helps us communicate what each other is thinking. I remember my biggest dream when I was younger was to go travelling. If I had communicated this better to my mother I wouldn’t have upset her when I told her I wanted to ‘fly from the nest’. It is an amazing way to fully understand what your children and partner are all thinking.


To find out more about how to create a vision, set goals in 2017, I can come and coach your team in a safe, comfortable environment that is conducive for learning.