Have Vision, Set Goals and Change Lives.....

This year, I have based my year around a YouTube video that I watched in January on Sir Nicolas Winton. I’d heard about him before but I hadn’t put what he did into context. Recently, we were fortunate enough to have a lovely lady from the Czech Republic stay with us and we realised that friends of ours would not be here today if it wasn’t for Sir Nicolas Winton. I looked into more detail about what he had done and realised how much a simple goal of his effected so many people’s lives. In one of the YouTube video’s I watched the reporter asked, “do you realise you now have 50,000 grandchildren from the 669 children you saved?” he humbly said, “What a responsibility.”


The goals we set in our life can effect so many people. I decided that my goals for 2016 were going to be goals based around helping people build relationships in their businesses and in effect could change their life. My biggest aim was to get into more businesses and organisations and work with them to build relationships so they could achieve their vision.


If you set realistic goals that relate to your dream, you will be changing lives. My dream is that people in life understand each other more, thus working more effectively with each other and building deeper relationships so they can be successful, more efficient and have fun.


Let’s start now. If you start to think about the goals you want to achieve in 2017 then you’re one step closer to fulfilling your dream. The most important thing to remember when setting goals is to make sure you achieve them. It’s no use coming back a year later and feeling like you’ve been defeated. Set your goals from the heart and you will strive more to achieve them.


To find out more about how to create a vision, set goals and change lives I can come and coach your team in a safe, comfortable environment that is conducive for learning.