Claudia Fragapane is an Inspiration to Entrepreneurs and Business Owners


Are there times in your business where you lack confidence and motivation to get to the next level? As a business owner, I know I have these moments. Claudia would have felt this in her gymnastics career, but would be especially feeling this each week on Strictly Come Dancing. She is way out of her comfort zone. Claudia has learnt a completely new skill than what she has been doing for so many years in the gym, and has risen above the challenges. She may be a pocket rocket in the gym…..dancing is so different.


Think of Claudia when you have a low point and believe you cannot achieve your next goal. Claudia oozes confidence without being precocious. She doesn’t care about her size, and has achieved so much in learning a completely new skill which is out of her comfort zone, showing determination and drive. Something all business owners need.


Support Claudia Fragapane – what an inspiration.