Behavioural Styles can help your Influence in Meetings


Meetings, meetings, meetings….are you having meetings for the sake of meetings? Are you getting the results you want from meetings? Are you getting actions that are followed up and completed after meetings?


When I was growing up my mother always taught me to treat everyone the way I would expect to be treated. Yes, this is a good ethic to have, but does it work when you are trying to influence others in meetings?  People need to be treated the way they want to be treated. They need to feel comfortable with you, like you and trust you, so that you can influence the outcome you want in meetings.


Have you ever attended a meeting and thought, “this is a waste of my time”. There was no agenda, no objective, no outcome and no actions. I felt like every time I opened my mouth, I was talked over. No-one was interested in a positive outcome for the meeting. Why was I there?”


When I attend a meeting, I like to look at the agenda and plan before the meeting. I think about the people attending and what I will need to discuss with them in the meeting. I also think about what they want to get out of the meeting, how they are going to react to decisions and how I could influence them.


Meetings can be a waste of time if we do not communicate well in them. Adjusting the way you communicate depending on the other person’s behavioural style will help you in meetings. Some people may want to get to the point and only think about results. On the other hand, if you are someone who is more interested in the person and the long term relationship, you will need to adjust the words you use, otherwise they will switch off.


Who wants to ever come out of a meeting feeling like it was a waste of time? Not me. With effective communication, solid actions and using influence your meetings can always be productive.

“Once you truly know about people, you will succeed at work and in life.” 

To find out more about how to influence others more effectively in meetings, I can come and coach your team in a safe, comfortable environment that is conducive for learning.