Share Your Vision and Goals

Imagine if in 5 year’s time you have been on that amazing holiday to Mexico that you have always dreamt of? Are you somebody who has always ‘dreamt’, but your vision has never come to fruition? Do you want to go through life saying,   “If only I had done that….”


My suggestion is that you SHARE YOUR VISION AND GOALS. It sounds so easy….. In reality it can be difficult. People often say to me, “I couldn’t tell anyone about that as it will never happen.” If you say it will never happen, it WILL NEVER happen. In sharing your vision and goals, you are putting yourself out there, you are letting people know you are serious. You are committing to achieve that dream you have always wanted.


You may be asking, “Who can I share them with?” There are plenty of people. Start with your friends and family. One of my annual activities over the Christmas break with my family is for each of us to create a vision board. We get loads of coloured felt tips, as well as google search photos and create our vision board on A3 paper, then laminate it. It is then used throughout the year for our placemats at meals. In September, my 7 year old son read his out and said, “Mummy, I have not scored a goal in football yet and I’ve got it on my vision board.” Guess what, the next week he scored a goal.


For your business goals, you may be in a mastermind group, or have a business coach you can share your goals with or you may have a business buddy, or a colleague at work. In sharing your goals, you are committing, and then you will see the goal evolve.


You might be asking, why is it important to have a vision?


If you have a vision you have something to aim for. In having something to aim for you will have more success, be more efficient, have fun and build better relationships so you can build your business, and achieve what you want in your personal life. Don’t go through life being a ‘gunner’ where you’re ’gunner do this and gunner do that’. Be a ‘doer’. Write down your vision and goals and go for it! Achieve them and be proud of it.