Start Planning 2018 Now for Success



Where do you want to be in a year’s time? How successful do you want to be? It’s now November and if you don’t start planning NOW, success will not happen.


How many of you have reviewed your goals from January for this year and achieved them all? If you haven’t reviewed them, do it now! If you have reviewed them, did you achieve your goals? If not, why not? What I often find with my clients is that they have loads of dreams but they set goals which are vague and unrealistic. When setting goals, you need to be very specific and make sure they are realistic. You also need to keep on track, setting yourself milestones.


The time of year when most people set goals is New Years Eve. This is too late. You should start planning now, as you need to change your mindset as well as address the practical elements to achieve goals. It takes time.


One of my clients came to me and said she felt like a failure. She had set goals for the last few years, both personally and for her business, and she had never achieved any of them. When we looked at her goals we found they were not realistic, and if they’re not realistic, they are not motivating so they are hard to achieve. We worked on making sure her goals were very specific and realistic. This meant that she was more motivated to achieve them. We set out a timeline and she realised the exact time when she gave up on her goals. She had always started off fine, but lost her momentum halfway through the year. I then kept her on track throughout the year and a year later, her goals were achieved. Now, 5 years later, she has achieved much more and been successful.


I can coach you and your teams on setting goals for next year, and also achieving them. Call me now to discuss your blocks and why you have not achieved your goals in the past and we can plan how to help you with achieving your goals for success.