The power of giving keynotes

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I want to tell you a story about the most successful keynote I’ve given. I was asked to do a keynote on listening, a topic I had never done before. It was for an institute body and the businesses were businesses I had never worked with before. Since it was all new to me, I worked hard on making sure the audience would be happy with the content. I made sure it was specific to their needs and I spoke from the heart telling them relatable stories to enhance their understanding. The keynote was for 1 hour so I also made it interactive – giving them a couple of activities to do and talk to others. It ended up being one of my most successful keynotes I have ever given. My call to action made people want to come and talk to me and want to work with me.


From this I have learnt 3 tips:

1)    Think about a topic you would like to talk on. Make sure you are passionate about it. Make sure you present the topic in a way that will help the audience.

2)    Think about the audience you could give the keynote to and make sure they are the people who fit in with your ideal client, your target market and you can relate to them. When presenting the keynote, give them thought provoking information that they can take-away. They want take-aways and actions.

3)    Make sure you have a strong “Call to action.” You want to engage with them in the future, so make them want to speak to you.


Have you planned your keynotes for 2018? Have you put keynotes into your 2018 marketing strategy? If not you should, giving a keynote can be a very powerful tool for your marketing strategy. 


If you need someone to do a creative, interactive keynote, give me a call or email me. I will write a keynote for your specific needs, get the audience laughing, hit their ‘hot buttons’ and make them feel motivated.