How to Use LinkedIn to Understand People's Behavioural Style before you meet them.


The most common question I get asked when I train and coach Behavioural Styles is, “How do I find out their Behavioural Style if I’ve never even met them before?” My answer is always the same - Social media! You’ve got so many tools with Social Media that you don’t need to do any sort of questionnaire beforehand to find out a person’s behavioural style. It’s amazing what you can pick up on their LinkedIn profile.


If you have been on my behavioural styles workshop, you’ll know that you can understand someone’s behavioural style by what they are wearing and what they are saying. If they are very smartly dressed for example, very businesslike with a very businesslike hairstyle which makes them look like they mean business, they’re probably a Director. As a result, a Director’s LinkedIn profile would be to-the-point and their language would be based around their success and achievements.


If the person has very bright makeup with fun hair and clothes, they’re probably a Socialiser. They tend to use use excitable words with loads of exclamation marks!!!! They may even sound like they’re shouting.


If the person is wearing neutral, sensible colours they are probably a Relator. They tend to be very sincere in their profile, using caring words, often showing how they relate to people.


If the person’s clothes are good quality and their hair is perfect, they may be a Thinker. They will have a very detailed profile and use a lot of words, showing their expertise in what they do. They will have a lot of information and expand on it.


You may be a bit confused by this. We are all a mixture of these 4 Behavioural Styles, and it can be difficult to know how to communicate with each person due to the intensities of the behaviour. Some people have a very high intensity of one Behavioural Style, but we all have different mixtures of all 4 behaviours.


To find out more, I can come in and train your whole team on Behavioural Styles using The Platinum Rule Assessment by Dr Tony Alessandra, or you could attend my next open workshop on 28th March. This will be my last open workshop, after that I can come in and train your team. Knowing Behavioural Styles is very powerful and helps you connect with people, whether you work with them, they are a potential client or a current client. Call me so we can discuss how I can help your team build relationships to build your business