Listening is the key to building relationships

Listening man.png


When I’m training and I start the listening section, I usually ask, “hands up if you’re a good listener.” There’s usually at least one comedian in the group who replies, “Pardon?” Very funny. I always laugh. Then I state a fact, that this person is talking about hearing and hearing is different to listening because listening is a skill that can be developed and hearing is a physical ability.


Listening is the basis of building relationships. If you are a good listener, people will enjoy talking to you and will want to tell you information. Having information in business gives you power. If you refer to Behavioural Styles, you will understand what I mean by socialiser. I’m a natural socialiser, so I naturally love to talk. Over the years, I have learnt the skill of listening more. I have had to stop myself when I have wanted to talk and told myself to listen. It has taken time, as habits take a long time to break, and I have reaped the benefits, especially with my clients.


Let me tell you a story of working with one client. I was managing a team and this client was actually dealing with someone in my team. I had a feeling the person in my team was missing opportunities, so I decided to listen to her call with the client. I realised the person in my team was talking too much, and not listening to opportunities, as they were desperate to put across what they had to offer. I knew the client too, and decided I would call the client. I found out within 5 minutes that the person in my team had missed 3 opportunities with the client, just because they didn’t listen and talked too much. I then coached my team member on listening and letting the client talk and we had a bit of a joke going, that every call they had to evaluate their listening and if they interrupted they would owe me £1. The bad habit changed very quickly and the person in my team became very successful. One small change, to listen more and not interrupt, lead to success.


If you build positive relationships with clients, you are going to be more successful. I can help you and your team do this strategically. Relationships don’t just happen, you need to work on them. Call me today if you need more help in ways to build relationships so I can talk to you about the best ways to coach or train you and your team to build relationships. They will then have success in building their business.


To find out more, I can come in and train your whole team on Behavioural Styles  or you could attend my next open workshop on 27th February 2018.  Knowing Behavioural Styles is very powerful and helps you connect with people, whether you work with them, they are a potential client or a current client. Call me so we can discuss how I can help your team build relationships to build your business.