Tiredness can kill, take a break!

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Let me tell you about a story about when I was working in London in recruitment.  I worked for a company where the culture was to work hard and play hard. When I say work hard, I mean work hard. We started in the morning at 7am and we were lucky to leave in the evening by 9pm. We were also frowned upon if we had a break. Does this sound productive? NO. Yes, it may have been productive for the short term, but in the long term we all burnt out. I spent my weekends sleeping to have the energy I needed for the long week.


What have I learnt from this. In the 14-hour day I worked, I was only productive, and I mean really productive for about 5 hours of that day. I have learned that there are certain times in the day when I am really productive. I am a morning person and I tell you now, the time of day I was the most productive then was from 7am to 11am. From then on I had a slump, and that was a long slump. I should have had a break. I should have recharged. I should also have organized my time so I had regular breaks, then I would have been productive until 4 or 5pm.


So often we like to look busy, but are we productive. What I’ve learnt is to work out the time of day when I really concentrate and do my most challenging work then. Then make sure I have a break. I have just had a sleep for 30 minutes. It’s now 2pm and I will work really productively until 5pm when I need to go and pick up the kids from school. If I didn’t stop and have my 30 minute sleep I probably would have procrastinated all afternoon.


Stop! Don’t burn out like I did. I worked for that company for 2 and a half years. I was exhausted when I left. We are human and we need to realise what we can manage and maintain to get the most out of out working day.


If you need help to manage your teams so they are productive and getting the most out of their day, call or email me and I can come in and find out your needs, then write a programme to suit your needs.