Diversity is nothing without inclusion

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Let me tell you about a story about my brother. My brother is one of the top barristers in Sydney. He is a very bright boy and when we were growing up I was always envious that he did so well in exams.


My brother joined me in London doing the Australian thing of travelling while you were working before you hit the ripe old age of 27 when you couldn’t get the working holiday visa. This was when I started my career in training and was very proud of the material I was training. One of my passions was making sure you hire the right people. Nick had never had to employ people before and it was all new to him. I remember a conversation we had when he had just taken on a new PA in the law firm he was working at. He said to me, “I employed her because we had a lovely chat and got on really well.” I had just finished training a course on competency based interviewing and was mortified. I tried to explain to him that yes, you had to get on with the person you were hiring, but they also had to be competent.


I would like to take this even further now. When hiring for your team, it is important to question thoroughly regarding the person’s competencies, and also to ask diverse questions to really find out what the person is really capable of. What can they bring to the team? Why are they different? How can we include them in our business? Yes, we are told time and time again to be diverse when we are employing. Don’t discriminate and be open minded. We also need to work out how to motivate our team and include them so they want to do their best. If we are inclusive, we will get the best from our team and we will get more profit.


Do you want to know more? Do you want to really practice inclusion where you work, and I mean put it into practice. If the answer is yes, contact me so we can talk about how I can challenge your teams to be more inclusive. Call or email me now.