There’s still time – Sometimes the best sales happen in the Summer

August 2018.jpg

It’s Summer, yah! So often we wind down in the Summer, thinking all businesses close. Let me tell you about a story about when I made my best sale in the Summer.  It was halfway through August and I really didn’t want to be sitting at my desk making sales calls. I wanted to be in the sunshine, probably in a beer garden drinking a pint with friends. “OK”, I said to myself, “you may as well make some calls as it will pass the time.” I planned 5 clients to call and made the first one with hesitation. I couldn’t believe it, she picked up the phone and the first thing she said was, “I’m so glad you called, I need help and I thought no-one would be working until September.”


Let’s not make assumptions that everyone is on holiday. Yes, a lot of businesses can take their foot off the pedal in the Summer, but what I have found is that this can also be the time when I can be very productive. I have found calling those clients I usually do not have time to speak to is very productive as they have time to talk and want to talk. Also the conversation  is quite easy as everyone wants to talk about their holidays. Ask them all about it – easy topic of conversation.


I also can tick off my list of things to do so I am ready for September. Set yourself some goals for this Summer. Who do I want to contact? What can I get done? Set yourself a list of things to do and you will be amazed as to what could be achieved.