It’s your chance to start again…..


I want to tell you a story about a vision I had with my training delivery. I had been training in the same market and the same few courses for 7 years. I had become a bit complacent and was at a crossroads in my life and knew that it was time to develop and change my direction. This was a something I was keen to start and didn’t know what to do to achieve this.


It took me a number of years to take the plunge and change my direction. I had a vision that I would be developing teams in larger multinational companies on developing their communication skills, especially with their middle managers. I have got there, I am now fulfilling my dream.


Have you ever had a dream of achieving something and it hasn’t happened? This is the year to fulfil your ambitions….2019 is the year of achieving your hopes and dreams.


You may be wondering how to do this and whether or not it is possible. The first step is to write down what you want to achieve. Be clear on exactly what you visiualise the outcome to be. You could brainstorm these with a colleague or friend. Be creative, use a large piece or paper and write down all your thoughts. You may even want to use colour and mind maps.


Once you have all your ideas strategise, think about the process and steps involved in achieving your dream. Be specific, realistic and also think about how long it will take. It is a good idea to not be too optimistic, because this could lead to failure. You want to motivate yourself.


It is also a good idea to have someone you trust who can encourage and help you along the way. Get them to help you think of the milestones you want to achieve as you go.


Go for it, now is the time…..2019 is the year to make changes and achieve the things you have been dreaming about.


If you have a team you need to motivate on achieving their goals in 2019, give me a call. I will work with you to plan how I can help. It may be a keynote or a workshop.