Fall in love with your life…. then you will fall in love with your work


“If you live for something every day, you’ll never end up dying of nothing.” I heard this quote on breakfast radio and thought, yes, that is so applicable to our life, as well as being pertinent for our work.


There have been times in my life when I have felt low, felt like, “What’s this all about?” When this happens to us, others can sense it. These people can be our colleagues, our clients, as well as our family and friends.


If we are down on life, it is going to come across in the workplace. Let me tell you a story about a boss I had who was very perceptive. I was having family problems and thought I was leaving these problems at home. I mustn’t have been because it effected my work. I remember working with a potential client and feeling like I wasn’t present. I was trying to be enthusiastic, and obviously wasn’t as I didn’t win the piece of work. I should have as I was the obvious choice.


My perceptive boss pulled me aside the same week as I lost the potential contract and said, “What’s going on? Are you OK?” I think she thought I had found a new job. I explained what was going on at home and it really helped the situation. I managed to leave home at home then and focus more on my work. Also, because I had spoken about it, the problem didn’t feel as bad and I felt like I had resolved some of the issues. I managed to also be happier at home.


The motto is, yes, we should leave home at home and not let it effect our work, but the reality is, it is so hard. Thus, if you are someone who loves life and gets the most out of every situation, you are likely to be someone who finds a role you love and be passionate about every part of that role.


If you want to know more about what makes people tick, why they behave the way they do so you can lead your teams to success, call me and I can coach you on motivations and the behaviour’s of people in your team to motivate them to accomplish their goals.