Use your Summer wisely…..


I love it when I wake up early and the sun is already out. It makes me relax and feel like I need a holiday for the whole of July and August.

All very well, and we do need the rest. We need to make sure we are not having too much rest as July and August is 2 months of the financial year where we also need to be invoicing so that we can pay our expenses.  

Use your Summer wisely. What are some of the jobs I have found valuable that I can do in the Summer? One is to keep in touch with those people I have not spoken to in the last 6 to 12 months. Make a list of the people who could help you in your business. Strategise what you could do to grow your business and contact the people who may be able to help. These may be people who could introduce you to potential clients. I always have a list of people on my wall and refer to it at the beginning of each month, contacting those people I have not spoken to in a while.

Another job could be to call old clients who you have not spoken to in the last 6 to 12 months. Make a list of all the clients who you have invoiced in the last 10 years. Make a list of those who you have not had business activity with and call them. The excuse to call could be a simple as, ‘Just wondering how you are.’ I’ve done this in the past and been amazed as to what has come out of the conversation.


Use your Summer, I have given you 2 very strong actions. Go on, make those lists. I would love to hear what you have got out of this activity. Email me your results at