The Power of Questioning to build rapport with your clients

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Have you ever finished a conversation with a client or colleague and thought, “I didn’t get all the information I required. Why didn’t they tell me what I needed?”


While dealing with clients and your colleagues, you need to plan your objectives for the conversation, then plan the questions you are going to ask. If someone doesn’t tell you all the information you require, you didn’t ask the right questions.


Questioning is one of the most basic skills when communicating with clients and colleagues, yet it is one of the skills that people find difficult. Questioning is a powerful tool and helps you build rapport. It will also help you gain more information about people so you can help them. If you help others, they are going to naturally want to help you.


When communicating, try to ask questions that will get the other person talking. I find this is the best way to start a conversation, and it will make the conversation flow. When you want to confirm things, ask more direct questions. Then when you want to close the sale or the conversation, ask closed question. This is called the ‘questioning funnel’. You should have many ‘questioning funnels’ in a conversation depending on the type of response you are encouraging.


If you want to learn more about communication skills, especially questioning and with clients and colleagues, contact me and I can help you with all levels of communication from questioning right through to Behavioural Styles. Communication is a way to build relationships and if you build relationships, you are going to build your business so it is successful.