Growing Your Desk



One thing I was never taught at university was that when I went into the workforce I would need to grow my business in order to be successful. When I got into recruitment I quickly realised that I had to grow my desk, but how?


Many people in recruitment treat the word sales as a dirty word. I don’t look at recruitment as sales, I like to think of recruitment as building relationships. If you can grow effective relationships with your clients then you will be able to grow your desk naturally.


Building relationships takes time and you need a clear strategy and a structure. You should regularly do relationship building activities with your clients and candidates so they can refer you. The most effective way of doing this is to work out who is likely to refer you to your target market, then strategise the relationship building activities you will do with these people, and be sincere with them. If you don’t have a target market, you should. This will give you focus and make it easier to find clients.


The most effective activities are done in person. We often hide behind social media and emails but stronger relationships will develop if you meet with people. Always have a goal in mind when you are contacting people. You don’t want to be seen as a time waster.


An example of a relationship building activity is to take someone out to lunch to thank them for a referral. This luncheon could then turn into a meeting, and you would be amazed at the information you could get from each other. Most meetings I’ve had like this have turned into business. This is just a simple example and I have plenty more techniques to help you grow your desk.


To make sure you get on track, and grow your desk successfully, call me to discuss your problems. I can come in and coach and train your team so they grow their desk more effectively.