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Having progressed in my career quickly to be in middle management, I’m all too aware of the effects of poor communication and mental health on teams. That’s why I’m so passionate about using my 20 years’ experience in training, coaching and facilitation to help people understand the fundamental skills that will help them build relationships to build their business. Through everything I do, with companies of all shapes and sizes, my aim is to see people grow as individuals, encouraging them to be the best they can be and achieve all they want to achieve.



It started with a terrible boss

My first boss was a real authoritarian. She was great at building the business, but far more interested in her targets than her staff. No matter what we achieved, we never got thanked. Instead, we worked in a culture of continuous criticism. At every appraisal, she did nothing but put us down, not listening and not letting us have an opinion. Every single person came out of their appraisal feeling like they were a failure. And she wondered why she had a 76% staff turnover rate!

Why do I do what I do? Because I believe that once you truly know about people, you will succeed at work and in life, and I am passionate about helping people understand how to build relationships to build their business, both internally and externally. These are the fundamental concepts that underpin my coaching, training and facilitation work, and they’ve proved successful within the wide range of organisations I’ve been privileged to work with.


They tell me I’m a keeper

If you were to ask my clients what personal qualities they’ve benefited from when working with me, they’d use words like…

Experienced: From taking a recruitment company from five to 45 people in six months, to running successful businesses in the UK and Australia, and delivering training on an international scale, I’ve gained a wealth of business knowledge over the last 20 years.

Passionate: My passion - for developing people, for building relationships, for helping businesses hit their targets and get results - is what drives me, and what ensures my clients get great service time after time. I have been described as being very energetic when facilitating coaching and training.

Engaging: My training and coaching style is all about the client, with specifically targeted programmes full of actionable tasks and follow up work to help them put their new knowledge into practice.  I have been described as being motivational when delivering coaching and training.

Reliable: Being a ‘completer/finisher’ means that when I say I’ll do something, it will always get done on time and to brief. I believe in giving 100% and doing things right. My clients return again and again because they know I am honest, trustworthy, loyal and reliable. I have been described as being inspirational when delivering coaching and training.

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